Magnetic FitĀ® and her partners set a new worldwide standard.


Magnetic Fit® has a focus on product development and integrates these magnetic connectors together with her business partners in LED lights, light fixtures and electrical consumer goods. We aspire to collaborate with partners who have the capacity and the intention to integrate our patented connectors into their own product production.

Magnetic Fit® aims with her connection for convenience, safety, flexability and uniformity regarding electrical wall and lamp sockets. The goal is to become within the next decade he new world standard in these markets. To achieve this, we collaborate with innovative partners - both established businesses and newcomers into the marketplace.

We provide our patented connectors to our partners. 
The Magnetic Fit® connector has been mechanically engineered to integrate very easily into a wide range of products. We are happy to assist our partners with the implementation of our connector. Integration will be swift; no major adaptations to existing products are required. 

Do you recognize the benefits of integrating our magnetic connector into your products and/or services? Can this innovation help you to fullfil customer needs by implementing Magnetic Fit®? Call or mail us now. We are here to assist you in any way we can.






Magnetic Fit® strives for 1 worldwide LED standard.









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Magnetic Fit® is constantly looking for new collaborations. Do you see opportunities to apply our connection in your product or service? Please contact us.

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